What use, if any, could I get out of VirtualFlow for hobby reasons, on consumer hardware?

My main interest is that I’ve recently gotten into studying neurochem topics for fun, and there’s tons and tons of very interesting pathways, receptors, ligands, but so many are understudied, and I’m just curious if software like VirtualFlow could suggest anything for the blanks.


Welcome to the forum. VirtualFlow can of course be applied to any receptor and protein as long as you have a protein structure available.

But at the moment, it’s not possible to screen large amount of ligands on consumer hardware. However, consumer hardware will be sufficient if you want to dock a smaller number of compounds (such as known ligands) in detail.

Hi @Christoph, thank you for the reply :slight_smile: I’m fine with not being able to do large-scale screening, seeing what comes up for known ligands of interest alone is fun enough.

Alas, when I say customer hardware, at the moment I mean rather old-ish hardware.