Vfvs_pp_ranking_all.sh file missing

Hi all
I am following the Virtual screening tutorial (GitBook). In the “The Completed Workflow”, I run the following command
vfvs_pp_ranking_all.sh …/…/output-files/complete/ 2 meta_tranche
But I am facing an error regarding vfvs_pp_docking_all.sh file and I didn’t find this script file in the installed VFVS folder and its sub-directories.
Can anybody share this (vfvs_pp_ranking_all.sh) file

Welcome bharti,

The script you’re looking for (vfvs_pp_docking_all.sh) isn’t included in the VFVS package, but rather in the VFTools package (https://github.com/VirtualFlow/VFTools). If you clone that repository, add the “bin” folder to your path and you’ll be able to use the script as desired.

Some basic instructions on adding a folder to your path in Linux: https://www.howtogeek.com/658904/how-to-add-a-directory-to-your-path-in-linux/

Thank you Sir
I got these files now.