The difficulty to download the compound library -- using rsync to download the huge libraries


It’s a wonderful idea to let the user determine which collections to download through your website, and the *.sh file you provide can help us downloading the libs pretty easily. However I got a problem due to the poor web connection using the wget command in the *.sh file. When somehow the trasfer encountered any problem and quited for some tar files, the whole procedure just went to download the next tar file. Therefore at the end I found that I have many many tar files of the size of 0 KB. It is actually difficult for us to determine which tar files are complete and which are not, and if we choose to re-run the *.sh file the whole thing will be downloaded once again.

Therefore I am wondering if you could please set up a guest account on your server with limited privilage to access the directory. Then we could download the libraries using rsync . As you know rsync can automatically verify which files were not completely downloaded and if they are not, only these files will be re-transfered.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter!


I have figured out a way – using some downloading software, such as “Free Download Manager” instead of wget in the *.sh script easily solved the problem. Therefore there is no need to use rsync.