Stopping the submitted jobs

Is there a command similar to the below monitoring command to properly stop the started jobs?
./ -c workflow


Hi Gal,

you could use the scancel command for example if you use SLURM. More gentle would be to use the VFVS control files. More information you can find here in the documentation:


Hi Christoph,
thanks for the answer.
I have been using scancel with SLURM and if there is better way I would like to know.
I had seen that page you shared but did not help me much. Some example scripts for their use cases would be helpful for me.
In particular, example scripts the can allow

  1. cancelling current runs (so that I can pause GCP for a while)
  2. resuming the screening at the current stopped point. (after I resumed GCP)

Hi Altay,

the way with the VFVS control files would be an alternative. It is described in the documentation, but we don’t have any examples/tutorials for this at the moment. Basically you just need to change the values in last section of the control files in the folder workflow/control/ according to your needs. I would suggest to play with the settings and test it to get experience how it works in practice. If you have specific questions regarding this method, it might be easier for us to help.


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