Running VFVS/Vina on AWS Graviton (ARM processors)

Hi VFVS community, Christoph,

Do you know of any attempts to run VFVS on ARM architecture? Perhaps most critically vina / smina will need to be recompiled from source there?

On Amazon AWS their ARM-based Graviton EC2 instances apparently give substantial boost in cost-efficiency… so having [VFVS / vina / smina / etc] run on it might be quite useful.


Hi Yaroslav,

welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not aware yet of any attempts to run VFVS on ARM, but it makes absolutely sense to do it as you pointed out.

I think you are right, you would need to recompile the binaries for ARM, which should be no problem since all of the used programs are open source and running on Linux.

If you made it work, happy to merge the ARM version into our GitHub repo :slight_smile: