No access confirmation to AWS library in tutorial?

Hi all,

I went through the VFVS2 tutorial for slurm, but cannot get access to the library. Specifically at this point:

“After registration, you will receive an email typically within one working day, with the access information. Please note that an AWS Account is needed to get access to the library. If you do not have an AWS account, you might want to create one. Access to the library is free, and there are no costs associated with downloading/accessing it via AWS.”

I have received no such access email and its now been 5 days. Can somebody advise if this is should still be working or has this died?



Dear Phil,

Thank you for your interest in VirtualFlow as well as for your patience. As VirtualFlow 2 is still in the pre-publication stage and as this is a non-commercial open source project, answers and approval can take some time.

You should now have received the approval email.

We hope you will enjoy using VirtualFlow and its libraries, and that they will help you in your research.

All the best,