Jobs fail after disconnecting SSH

Hi y’all,

My VFVS setup works and jobs are running through - as long as I am connected via SSH. When I disconnect from the server, all jobs fail.
I am launching the workflow from the tutorial using bash:
./ 1 12 templates/ submit 1
nohup or Ctrl+Z + bg did not solve the problem. Probably because subprocesses are launched that cannot be disowned. This is a problem because for longer runs with more molecules I cannot keep a connection open all the time.
Any tipps?

Thanks much, Oliv

Hi Oeidam and welcome to our Community!

One suggestion would be to use tmux while running VFVS. You can install it quite easily for any linux distribution (if not already installed).

To use it just type tmux in the terminal of your VM.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,


Hi Sorin,

Many thanks for your tipp with tmux. This works for me!

Much appreciated,