How to generate a Collection lengths file for downloaded zinc15 database?

any script avaiable? thanks

Hello w1234 and welcome to the VirtualFlow community!

One can use VFLP( VirtualFlow for Ligand Preparation), which is part of the VirtualFlow platform. You can have a look at the extensive documentation provided by the VirtualFlow Team below:

VirtualFlow for Ligand Preparation documentation

Also, here is a link to the GitHub repository for VFLP:

VirtualFlow for Ligand Preparation

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Dear Sorin,

I mean this ZINC15:
this one should be ready to dock. I just need the length file for todo.all.

Which program can make fourth hierarchical level input file?

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is Enamine-REAL-2018q12_isomers.smi.splitted1000_ind_tgz_tar downloadable?

Dear w1234,

You can download the Enamine-REAL (or subsets of) via Log in | Virtual Flow via our Tranche Browser (you first have to register).

Also, if you haven’t already, please have a look at our tutorials page: Tutorials | Virtual Flow

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Have a look at VFTools:

VFTools is a a loose collection of additional tools and scripts which can be useful when using VirtualFlow, for example for preparing workflows or postprocessing completed workflows.

A link to our Github repository VFTools

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