CPUUtilization does not reach 100% during VFVS running on EC2

Hello everyone,

When running VFVS for 10K and 100K compounds on c5.24xlarge X 10 nodes using qvina02, CPUUtilization of each c5.24xlarge node stayed at 100%. On the other hand, when the number of compounds is increased to 1M or 10M, it stays at around 15%. Setting RootVolume as follows only improved it to 27%.

      Size: 1000
      Iops: 16000
      Throughput: 1000

If tempdir_default=/dev/shm, the job for more than 1M compounds failed due to insufficient storage space, so /tmp is used in this case. When the tempdir_default was changed to /shared/tmp, the utilization dropped to about 5%.

How can we set up various configuration files such as all.ctrl to run at 100% CPUUtilization even when the compound is over 1M?
all.ctrl (13.2 KB)

CPUUtilization is Percentage of allocated EC2 compute units that are currently in use on the instance.
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