Chmod: cannot access '/dev/shm/VFLP/l/1-1/packages/nailgun/nailgun-client/target/ng': No such file or directory

Hello everyone,
An error was prompted after submitting the job, details are as follows:


  • chmod u+x /dev/shm/lichunqiong/VFLP/l/1-1/packages/nailgun/nailgun-client/target/ng
    chmod: cannot access ‘/dev/shm/lichunqiong/VFLP/l/1-1/packages/nailgun/nailgun-client/target/ng’: No such file or directory
    ++ error_response_std 258
    ++ echo ‘Error was trapped’
    Error was trapped
    ++ echo ‘Error in bash script’
    Error in bash script
    ++ echo ‘Error on line 258’
    Error on line 258
    line 258 of bash script is as follows:

Hope to get your help!Thank you.

Seems similair problem to my Gaussian interference,try to disable the classpath before submitting and leave it off while you’re running.

This helped my Gaussian error

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So I had the same exact issue. If you look into the nailgun package directory you will find that there is no nailgun-client/target directory.
I’m assuming nailgun got updated and changed their directory names so I renamed: nailgun-client/c to nailgun-client/target and the file inside ng.c to ng.
That seems to fix the problem

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